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Workshops for Companies and Others

1. Fulfilled Life – to be on the Right Track for Success
“Success is what follows
from following our own path.”

What is success anyway? If we invest a lot of time and energy just to find out that, when finally reaching our goal, we aren’t any happier … well, then this “success” is a failure. Ute Lauterbach defines success as follows: determining and reaching goals that are in accordance with ourselves. It is important to manage our lives instead of reaching an ideal of success determined by others. This workshop aims at paving the way to those two main aspects of a successful and happy life: First of all finding sense-full, i.e. self-determined goals and secondly reaching them. Furthermore many strategies are presented which are the moving force behind our success.

2. Start All Over – Again and Again

“Where is the past, if I keep starting from minute to minute?”

Yes, I would start all over right away and would jump into final happiness or into myself or beyond myself – yes, immediately,if the circumstances changed and I were not who I am and if some other ten thousand conditions were fullfilled. This seminar aims at showing paths to a fairly conditionfree new start. These paths are:

  1. Developing an attitude ready to start every moment;
  2. Tearing apart emotional straitjackets;
  3. Reaching the fountain of joy by sharpening our consciousness in everyday life

3. Time-Seminar

“Stress is Chasing Standstill.”

Time pressure, lack of time, gaining time, waste of time, stress, boredom all have to do with how time treats us. What about it if we were the ones treating time, go hand in hand with it – and happily reach a completely different way of experiencing it? This seminar allows participants to gain a theoretical insight into this new mode of time-experience and paves a way for enjoying it in everyday life.

4. Set-Off to Happiness

“The best moment is always now!”

Most of our energy is consumed by attachment to the past and worries about the future. By doing this, we constantly establish a distance between ourselves and our real potential, as well as our genuine joy. This seminar is going to show how we can set off to happiness – and how we can start doing this right away.

5. Mission-Vision-Logic

“If my goal doesn’t inspire me any more,
I’m on the wrong track.”

Persuing aims without feeling an inner calling is nuts and having such a calling without making it concrete by giving it an outer manifestation is likewise nuts. Therefore true success needs a good balance between inner calling and outer form, between mission and vision. What do we really want to achieve in our life and how? A mission (what) – a vision (how), that is thoroughly thought through and in line with internal and external factors can become the focus and the guiding star to success and happiness. Defining goals is only the third step when drawing a life-map. The most adequate goals follow cogently from the right mission-vision.
It is important to understand that all outer success is just a result of a well-integrated success-personality, as success would otherwise not give us any joy, which, at the end of the day, would make it meaningless. Consequently, the goals of this workshop are:

* An exact definition of the Mission-Vision-Logic and how it can be put into practice;
* The proof, how easy it is to define goals, once Mission and Vision are defined;
* Strategies for developing a success personality.

6. Work-Life-Integration

“In former times: Work first, then joy.
Now: Work is joy.”

People who just live in order to work are not convincing, as it seems that they do not have anything better to do in life than wearing themselves out in their work. People, however, who work in order to live are not of any better as work just seems to be a necessary evil for them. These two rather common positions result in unhappiness, frustration, stress, unproductive “priorities” and other dilemmas, such as expanding while reducing ressources at the same time. Leaving these positions is much easier than leasure-killers and performance-monsters make us believe. Work-Life-Integration is about reaching a new work- and life-moral through embedding and rationally understanding what is really important. By doing this, joy, creativity, team-spirit but also more individuality as well as productivity are set free. This workshop aims at paving a way to the above mentioned vital qualities.


“Although growing is not always a Sunday trip, it is still a peak of joy.”

Any subject, any training that is needed to make your company run more efficiently, successfully and joyfully can be chosen by you. Just let me know what appeals to you, i.e. choose one of the topics given below and described in this paper or write down your own favourite topic.

  • Fulfilled Life
  • Start All Over – Again and Again
  • Time Seminar
  • Set-Off to Happiness
  • Mission-Vision-Logic
  • Work-Life-Integration
  • Topic chosen by you

Present Status
To define your position you might like to answer the following questions:

  • What runs satisfyingly?
  • What has to be improved?
  • What gets on your nerves?
  • Is the communication with your people efficient and constructive?

Talk: about one or two hours including discussion after the talk
Workshop: half-day, full-day, several days

Talk: unlimited
Workshop: 10 and up to unlimited


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