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Global Peace Wanted?

How to become who we are?
My contribution to individual as well as global peace is to give roots and wings to the following simple equation:

mind free + heart wide = happiness/bliss

My philosophical work and striving do this by:

1. pointing out that the truth of this equation is felt by everybody.
Or would you prefer the opposite? Mind obscured + heart narrow?

2. showing that it makes us sail towards the horizon proclaimed by nearly all spiritual approaches.
What is of ultimate concern for you? This is where your spirituality anchors.
Whether you call it Nirvana or Christ-Spirit or financial freedom.

3. providing tools which help integrating repressed and neglected parts of our personality.
Why? Because I do not know anybody who enjoys anger, envy, depression, hatred, jealousy … do you?

4. making my master tool – the scale of consciousness – available for everybody.
Would you like to have a yardstick which enables you to realize at every moment where you are just now and how to get to where you would like to be?

In very other words:

* God needs the space of chaos to show that which we often miss realizing.
* When you have laughed your head off, you experience your highest self.

Some of my definitions of spirituality:

  1. Wanting what you want.
  2. Resting in your awareness without this or that.
  3. Enjoyment that makes time and space disappear.
  4. Embracing instead of resisting.
  5. Relaxing into the suchness of everything.

I wish you free-mind and wide-heart.

Last but not least

The mission of my company revealed…

To touch as many people in the heart of their hearts. So that everybody feels the deep peace of his I-wards and can then let it blossom in a we-wards and finally in an all-wards.

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