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"Touch as many people's hearts as possible, seduce to happiness, sense and being and make you laugh.  - This is my goal" Ute Lauterbach

Ute Lauterbach

German and Female Philosopher

Ute Lauterbach is loved for her outstanding sharpness of mind, her infectious humor as well as her acting talent.

Author of many pioneering books on regaining inner peace, happiness and enlightenment. Inventor of the “Scale of Consciousness©“ and of an effective and highly potent master tool for integrating repressed personal potential.

Ute Lauterbach lives and works in her center in the forest and travels the world to perform before large audiences. Her regular speeches and appearances on TV and radio have made Ute Lauterbach a well-known specialist for self-fulfillment in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Very short summary

of the two pillars of her oeuvre:

1st Exit problems!

2nd Enter joy and enlightenment!

Result: inner & outer peace.

"Taking yourself seriously is the starting point for everything" Th</sup>at's a quote from, "Keep a clear head."
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