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"Anyone who has too many sweaters, has too little closet space.” Quote from: "How much less is more?”

Lauterbach’s inventions

– all aiming at inner peace

1st The Scale of Consciousness© (also called “Scale of Lucidity”)

Let’s begin with the Scale of Consciousness©. If the mind is free and the heart wide, then man looks as "the clear eye of the world" (Arthur Schopenhuer). He has full sight. He is at the "Fullity" point on the scale of consciousness. If, on the other hand, a person is completely at the limit internally, then s/he interprets everything according to his/her entanglement and has zero distance to him/herself and others. The assigned point on the scale of consciousness is at the opposite end and is called "Nillity".

Here you find more details.

2nd Psycho-Energetic Integration (PEI)

First Pillar, because it promotes personal, inner peace.

Integration is the counter term to projection. In short: all unlived potential revisits and confronts each individual in the disguise of projections. The realization that a person fights externally what he has not developed internally is part of the psychological standard. Lauterbach's clarification and refinement of this observation is the precise decoding of all projections: Which unlived potential, which unavailable competence is it exactly that is hidden in your projections? Firstly, how can we precisely identify the version of the core competence to be integrated and secondly, what does the concrete integration look like? A plausible and easily applicable navigation in the entire emotional landscape leads from the projection to integration, i.e. to the liberation of unresolved mental and emotional burdens.

=> Exit problems!

Book: Ute Lauterbach, Love Yourself, Embrace the World


Second Pillar, because it promotes global peace via understanding and experiencing the peak of human insight.

"Instant-Lumen" stands for the state of absolute and pure consciousness. It can be experienced when the mind is completely free of thoughts. This fulfilling experience is accessible to everyone and has been articulated throughout human history in all cultures around the world.

With the INSTANT-LUMEN-project, Ute Lauterbach wants to show how people can live intentionally in the state of absolute consciousness. The INSTANT-LUMEN-project is the quintessence of that supreme recognition in world literature.

The cinematic presentation of this global project wants to make the quotations of insight reach your heart by making them tangible for the senses. You see them here.   

=> Enter joy and enlightenment!

Book: Ute Lauterbach, INSTANT LUMEN - Your Philosophical Take off to a Free Mind

The INSTANT-LUMEN-project is unique,

  • because it reveals the peak of human cognition and longing, allowing all great thinkers, writers, philosophers and wise men to have their say.
  • because it brings the human search for meaning to a common denominator. And this common demominator is felt by everybody.
  • because it makes meaning a tangible experience in the mind, without ideological admixture.
  • because this project exposes a primal human experience in its deep meaning and thus makes the goal of our longing clearly visible.
  • because this project will not only theoretically secure the universal summit of knowledge, but above all it will also sensually get under your skin through music and images.
  • because this cognitive summit is a logical interdisciplinary one.
  • because the many individual voices of all epochs and cultures, which have verbalized the summit experience of meaning and Being, will for the first time be brought together in a great synthesis and made visible in their common quintessence.
  • because the summit and epitome of human cognition provides a focus to which all facets of a meaningful and happy life articulated worldwide actually refer. Ute Lauterbach enters 11 of these facets.
  • because this actually so obvious summit of knowledge - the INSTANT LUMEN - is finally brought to the point here.    
  • This INSTANT LUMEN project is unique because it unites the heartbeat of an infinite number of thinkers in one big heart.

4th  A new communication model

Talk differently - live better: Due to a revolutionarily different way of communication, unwanted content no longer has a breeding ground in our minds. Disturbing thoughts run into the void. The well-known unconventional thinker Ute Lauterbach shows with her tried and tested communication program how people not only talk to each other in a different way, but can also establish real contact and live more in the present. If you keep your mind free, you can leave well-worn patterns behind.

Book: Ute Lauterbach, Mind Free!, Kösel-Verlag

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