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The Basics of Psycho-Energetic Integration (PEI)   Ute Lauterbach's Approach  Lauterbach is convinced that we can all find the solutions of our problems inside ourselves. But how? This is where Lauterbach's not invasive, yet decisive approach is successful: The aim is to create a space in which individual answers can emerge. This of course means you have to be ready not to suffocate others by pre-packed solutions. On the contrary you simply relax into not knowing till the solutions pop up. Don't push the river, but decipher its current! The be-all and end-all of a successful interaction often boils down to successful communication with partners, customers, colleagues, friends, everybody. Unnecessary entanglements and personal projections often disturb a smooth flow of communication and destroy the chemistry between people. Ute Lauterbach is author of many books on this subject and specialized in this field.   Intensive Training in Psycho-energetic Integration  Don't guess, but seize the crucial point. Spot the psycho-logical reasons for conflicts, crises, fate, diseases and other spoilsports of happiness quickly and directly. Do this by applying strategies that consider the inter-dependency of problems. The PEI refers to the following three points: Spot what people (including yourself) are unable to live, to express. Make out why and how a particular competence is not expressed. Find ways to reanimate, i.e. to integrate what has been repressed.   The Objectives of PEI	  Apply the above mentioned steps to unfold your own competence and learn to help others in enhancing their capacities. Potent strategies of non-invasive (and therefore efficient) modes of integration are part of Lauterbach’s tool-kit. The knowledge of basic competence clusters is imparted in such a way that you can easily make use of it in your private and professional fields. You find them all in the book mentioned below.  Target-Group If you want to engage yourself in consulting, therapy or simply be very bright in interacting with other people, then this training is a good opportunity to develop and train adequate strategies and perspectives.  Book If you want to enter this subject in a satisfying and profound way you may start by reading: Ute Lauterbach, Love Yourself, Embrace the World
Global Peace Wanted?  How to become who we really are?   A personal note  My contribution to individual as well as global peace is to give roots and wings to the following simple equation:  mind free + heart wide = happiness/bliss   My philosophical work and striving do this  by pointing out that the truth of this equation is felt by everybody. Or would you prefer the opposite? Mind obscured + heart narrow? by making my master tool – the scale of consciousness – available for everybody. Would you like to have a yardstick which enables you to realize at every moment where you abide emotionally just now and how to get to where you would like to be? by providing tools which help integrating repressed and neglected parts of our personality. Why? Because I do not know anybody who enjoys anger, envy, depression, hatred, jealousy… do you? We care for our personal roots by eradicating our shit via integration. by showing that our deepest longing makes us sail towards the horizon proclaimed by all spiritual approaches. What is of ultimate concern for you? This is where your spirituality anchors.  Whether you call it Nirvana or Christ-Spirit or financial freedom.  In very other words God uses our personal shortcomings to show that which we often miss realizing. When you have laughed your head off, you experience your highest self.  Some of my definitions of spirituality Wanting what you want. Resting in your awareness without this or that. Enjoyment that makes time and space disappear. Embracing instead of resisting. Relaxing into the suchness of everything. My philosophical passion and contribution to global and inner peace look at the wings  and my psycho-energetic contribution to more inner peace looks at the roots. I wish you a free mind and a wide heart!
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Workshops/Talks The German philosopher Ute Lauterbach presents a surprising success-program for connoisseurs in the art of living. Inspiring, provoking, liberating.  What will the participants, the audience learn? They will be familiarized with Lauterbach’s “Lucidity Scale” which is an instrument that enables everybody to realize within seconds + where changes are necessary + in which direction they must be sought + how to communicate more effectively + where to find happiness and even bliss  Participants take home: An ever at hand instrument for self-understanding and self-liberation concrete solutions for problems a deeper understanding of themselves and others more peace of mind  Participants learn through: Lecture, self-scrutiny, instant experience, the analysis of cases presented by volunteers.
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