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Instant Lumen

Your Philosophical Take off to a Free Mind

starts with you through to a free head, it includes the 11 accompanying phenomena of a free head and correspondingly 11 ways of liberation, it offers 350 exquisite quotes of knowledge, which make the most beautiful and highest things come alive,

it is a turning point book, firstly because it can turn our lives around and secondly because it is written in German on one side and opened in English on the other, it corresponds to its content as a nobly designed hardcover book.

All this happens on 208 pages: Essence, beauty and the rejoicing or jewel on the way to a completely free mind.

208 pages

English and German

Hardcover book

16.5 x 23 cm

ISBN: 978-3-934486-42-3

Buchtitel 2
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Love Yourself, Embrace the World

... with a detailed description of all core competences

Ute Lauterbach shows how to take your own quirks and weaknesses as a starting point instead of sticking to them. With the scale of consciousness, it is easy to fathom one's own life in a flash and with pinpoint accuracy. She presents 12 basic skills, some of which we have already developed, others we still unconsciously direct as shadows against us or struggle with them in the outer world. Her suggestions on how to make our powers and possibilities blossom and pursue a course of happiness are as clever as they are suitable for everyday life. They are entertaining anyway.



  • Every small step of happiness is like a ray of light: It starts somewhere – it doesn't end anywhere...
  • Better to play the game yourself than to get lost in the practiced old crap!
  • Happiness comes from the outside, if we offer it a landing area from the inside.
  • Do not grope around blindly for traces of luck any more, but take targeted action!
  • The color of the air is its transparency, the color of consciousness is its empty space.
  • Shared happiness is double happiness.

208 pages

ISBN 978-3-958030-XX-X



Art Enlightens

Great art uplifts and illuminates our spirit. "Art Illuminates" speaks to the aesthetic experience of the human being. With excerpts from the photographic work of Hélène Van den Kerchove, with 40 central quotations of great masters* and with the essence sentences of philosopher Ute Lauterbach, the trilingual hardcover book wants to touch the soul.

The experience of penetrating beauty is breathtaking. It is far away from all everyday life. It enlightens us.

The books "INSTANT LUMEN - You Philosophical Take off to a Free Mindf" and "Art Enlightens" pursue the same intention: to lift the spirit and mood of man to the most beautiful heights.

If you buy both at once, you get them for only 39,00 €.

128 pages

Englisch, German and French

Hardcover book

23 x 16,5 cm

ISBN: 978-3-934486-52-2

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Instant Lumen - Das Buch
Buy: € 39,00

Art Enlightens and Instant Lumen

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