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Talks about Psycho-Energetic Integration

Anger - a Way to Happiness?
If we live our anger constructively it is turned into courage and it turns our unhappiness into happiness. Usually, however, we fall prey to our anger and this means we express it in destructive ways. If we succeed in understanding the true reasons of our anger then we will be enabled to channel the energy of our anger in such a constructive way that it can lead us to ourselves and to our happiness.

Partnership - a Battlefield?

Why do so many partnerships fail? When we enter ‘the harbours of our happiness’ we usually carry along emotional blockages, expectations, various deficiencies and fears and with those we spoil the atmosphere of our partnerships. This leads to unnecessary unhappiness. The aim of this lecture is to show how we could overcome our personal handicaps poisening our partnerships. This automatically leads to more fulfillment in all respects.

Integration of One’s Projections
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who or what do I see whenever I look at myself or at the circumstances of my life? Do I really see myself or rather my shadow or the spirits of my family? Rejected parts of oneself cannot be swept under the carpet forever. They are often projected and then they come back into our lives, as if camouflaged: for example in the form of interhuman or professional problems or in the form of diseases.
In this talk it is shown how we sabotage ourselves with our projections and ways of integrating one’s projections are presented. The less projections we have, the more real is our perception and the better we can relate to others and the more we can accept and love ourselves.

The Way from Blathering to Genuine Communication
- the Therapeutic Value of „Real-Talk“
Whenever we are content or happy about something we don’t feel such an urge to talk about it. If, however, something gets on our nerves, annoys or hurts us, then we are more prone to talking about this matter again and again. On the one hand this talking brings a certain relief, but on the other hand it may also bind us to the matter under discussion. In this lecture the restricting as well as liberating forms of speaking are presented.

Being in Love - a Chance of Development

Life is change, is feeling one’s energies. We especially feel our power when we are in love. This lecture aims at analysing this phenomenon and wants to show how being in love can help our self realization in a precious and delightful way.

Happy for no Reason
It is very easy to be happy under favourable circumstances. But what if life shows its dark sides, if we have no reason to be happy? Is there a way to be happy nevertheless? How does such a happiness look like and how can we realize it? This lecture gives an answer to these questions which might surprise some people.

My Child - a Mirror of My Own Failure?

In our families - be they paradises or prisons - we are reciprocally influenced and dependant on each other. Because of this fact the behaviour of our children is extremely revealing. By investigating these correlations we can discover and solve emotional deadends, rejected parts of our personality as well as unconscious needs. Thus we are fundamentally confronted with ourselves and we are enabled to replace the stress of educating our children by developing our own happiness.

Finally Guilty - Finally Free
We have got the choice either to follow the internal or external orders or standards of our parents or simply ourselves. If we ignore the voice of our deepest self, we might experience a feeling of existential guilt i.e. the feeling of missing life in a most fundamental way. It is the aim of this talk to show the paralysing qualities of our feelings of guilt and to show how we could overcome them. This lecture also wants to prove that the „amount of our guilt” is less drastic if we follow ourselves instead of becoming the victim of a morally noble endeavour to get away from ordinary feelings of guilt. The latter simply chain us to our past.

Disease - the Last Springboard of Our Soul?
It is not that bad to be in good health ... Our subconscious, however, is very often of another opinion. Among other things, we fall ill if we - for good reasons - do not dare to live fully. Diseases help us to understand which potential we turn against ourselves. This lecture shows which energies express themselves in specific diseases and what we can do in order to express them constructively.

Revenge is Sour
Acts of revenge evoke a passing feeling of relief. This is why the proverb says: Revenge is sweet. In reality, however, most acts of revenge do not alleviate us in the desired way, because they do not effectively make up for the pain which prompted our revenge. All we have to do is to see this pain and to substitute our revenge-taking by more effective means of compensation. When doing this, we are highly rewarded. Especially when you consider that we are nearly continuously in the grips of vengeance in order to overcome pain and suffering.

Death - a Reminder

If we do not understand death, we miss life. Some feel that death is like a monster, others decorate it with thoughts of immortality, and some repress the thought of death or see a relief in death. This lecture aims at showing how these views curtail our vitality. Furthermore it illustrates that being fully aware of our own death generates a much more complete life. Actually, there is life before death.

Astrology and Yoga
This lecture shows how we can use astrology in order to liberate and integrate repressed potential. The Indian philosophy and astrology are juxtaposed to form a self-education-programme.

An Astrological Trip through Life
Life is more imaginative and manifold than any system or theory with which we try to understand it. Astrology is as complex as life itself. It is like a compass which facilitates our trip through life and yet it is of secondary meaning and should always serve and never dominate us. In this talk we travel through life using astrology for our vehicle.

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