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Her Books

To get an impression of Lauterbach’s approach you may like to read into her book “Embracing Failure” http://www.randomhouse.de/content/edition/excerpts/17293.pdf

Info on her book: The Fortune Pilot” („Werden Sie Ihr eigener Glückspilot”)

Info on her book: “Breaking out of the thought carousel”, please see page 7 („Raus aus dem Gedankenkarussell”)

Info on her book : The art of living in a nutshell / Living: Right to the heart of the art” („Lebenskunst auf den Punkt gebracht”)
The art of living and happiness can be encountered in small things rather then big ones: in how someone handles minor misfortunes of everyday life - less in grand heroic deeds, which normally don’t come up frequently in the first place.
The art of living….means to be hurting but with a happy end. Or: To replace diligence by thought. The art of living is also to know how to pause once in a while. To love the lot. To abandon security. And to fill the true phrases of this book with life! Ute Lauterbach discusses and shows what can make our life complete.

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