I stroll along a country lane, I see the poppies and the cornflowers, the wheat fields and the clover, the butterflies dancing exuberantly, the little church under green fir trees, the first sunflowers about to blossom, I feel the sun on my skin and smell the summer - and suddenly everything is just One: the long past, all the way back to the age of church building, the delicious present and the silver tails on the horizon of the future under a steel-blue sky.

Sonja Werner

My instant lumen moments happened suddenly and abruptly under the influence of trees, the sea and music.

It felt to me like an irresistible pull that instantly swept me out of my body and thought costume. Then there was no more thinking. Only feeling: lightness, warmth, glistening yet pleasant brightness, security, absolute freedom, weightlessness. Everything was right and good. All thoughts, needs and everything physical had dropped away. My ego was at the end of all questions and doubts. There was a floating and drifting full of love and bliss.

I remember these moments with gratitude and longing.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this profound experience here.

Bernd's moon rainbow experience

Just now on 15.02.2022 in the dark at about 21:30 I went for a mindful walk, looked up at the sky and couldn't believe my eyes, I closed them, opened them and again couldn't believe what I perceived ... The moon so full and clear, I had seen that many times before, but now ... and I couldn't believe what I saw, although it was there to be seen .... A moon surrounded by a rainbow, so perfectly round and so colourful .... I had already seen both separately ... a moon and also a rainbow and that one more than easily .... I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming ... it hurt or not ... I was/still am stunned ... but never a moon with a rainbow in ONE ... a moon rainbow. I walked on, carried by what I had seen, looked again and again ... it was still to be seen .... walked on ... and there remains the incomprehensible STUNNING at what I had seen. Somehow I got back to a front door that I had never passed through before, but which had always been open.

Bernd Reinders

Whenever I imagine something, e.g. now the sound of a cuckoo call, this imagination connects with my/an inner being.

From there looking into the present reality and accidentally hearing the cuckoo, but not yet being able to see it, and when then really flying and cuckoo hearing takes place, all dams break and the moment my/a bliss takes place.

With/from this inner connection, infinitely many miracles happen on a daily basis. For example, I experience what Ute calls "INSTANT LUMEN".

How did I find from the PzP (present between presence) to the P (parat) without EVERYTHING?

Through perception of my external movements towards the longingly waiting, empty inside (towards self-love ... towards continuous contemplation ... being able to be in the inner self?).

Being ready without willful wanting ... with empty inner RECOGNIZING what IS, without adding to it or taking away from it, but always ready to jump with full heart to do what has to be done.

There is nothing left for me but to share it with you with the request to echo or not.Judith Huppert

The instant lumen experience can almost grab me when I am completely absorbed in an activity, when I disappear into it, so to speak. Then I experience a complete merging in doing, a oneness with everything that is momentarily happening, and a wonderful feeling of connectedness and being safe. Then there are almost no thoughts, the few that come, also go very easily. In these moments I feel the meaning of life.

Lisa Gugganig

Dear Ute,

disrobing myself by speaking ... and then feeling pure Being. I experienced it at your Just-nothing seminar in autumn. It was and is fascinating and it still resonates.

Your INSTANT LUMEN project is great, your book a gift to the world. I have been reading it for a long time, I can never read much at once, because I feel every single quotation is so powerful, I linger and enjoy every chapter.  I am overwhelmed by the abundance.

Just holding the book in my hands, I feel a strengthening, a power that I cannot really describe.

Thank you for the incredible compilation of the great quotations. I dive into the vastness and it fulfills me with gratitude when I read them and feel exactly what they mean. Your questions surprise me, inspire me. And keep me focused.

In the seminar, I found throwing away and letting go of ballast so pleasant and perceived the luminous silence in all clarity. It felt so good and I feel where I want to go.

Heiko Braun

On new, unknown paths through the Black Forest, the sight of nature captured me as I was looking out over a clearing into a wide valley. This "being captured" was there, or was probably only possible, because it came without any judgements or expectations. My gaze and my perception was - although I had the landscape virtually in front of me - directed inwards and a feeling of lightness, freedom and light-heartedness arose. Everything is good, there is nothing to do, full presence, united with myself and with everything!

Christiane Strack

Even before I had heard of "Entering Consciousness":

After a choir rehearsal of Bach's Mass in B Minor, I was suddenly in a different state, as if lifted out of the everyday, our accustomed life, my previous wishes and goals in life seemed like illusions to me. I was absolutely certain that I was immersed in the most real and true state of being, and the thought of "This is it" flashed up like lightning, accompanied by a great and sublime feeling of happiness and boundless inner freedom.

This experience was new to me and at the same time absolutely familiar.

Dr. Mett

During a walk in the woods I felt suddenly as if I was separated, my usual everyday life, thinking, evaluating, feeling, my imprints, experiences etc. were set off in the form of a globe in infinite space. In this freedom from myself, I realized: "I am completely myself".

Bettina Röser

Garden - sitting - not doing anything:

"I am the chirping of birds,

I am the rustle of the leaves in the wind.

I am the light and the warmth of the sun,

I am so much more than I am.

I am."


To be love, to be the universe, connected with all and everything, to experience that and then still breathe, because I still live in my body ... and since this experience, which was there all of a sudden, know where I want to go. Step by step, everyone makes sense. Newly actual, that my energy animates me to courageous experiments and I leave out my I, with the certainty that I'm not.

And then again very quickly the calmness disappears because of some nonsense. So new chance ... step by step.

Erster Tenor

It was on its way to work in the summer of 1982. I left the lift and after one or two steps everything was suddenly in front of me, next to and behind me and also inside me, above and below everything was just light.

A warm, bright, but not dazzling light, the most wonderful light, never seen before, but more familiar than familiar and I was there and there and everywhere and felt the greatest and most indescribable feeling of happiness - everywhere and Darinseiend. After about five steps I was suddenly back from this world. A somehow so "simple" and almost boring world in contrast to what I had just experienced. Ah!

Maria Offers

My first experience of being, which I understand today as "Instant Lumen", reoccurred when someone pronounced the word "infinity". Suddenly my normal self was gone and instead there was only the infinitely wide space. Time stood still, so I cannot say how long this "acute" state lasted. This experience was so intense that for weeks I looked at life from a "higher, freer" perspective. Where I was was now the connection, the oneness with everything.

Elke Kalender

I would like to share the following INSTANT LUMEN experience: In the deep night, towards the approaching morning, it was a single moment whose deep impression has carried me over the past months.

Leaving the bed of the other, knowing the separation the next morning alone in this familiar and now increasingly strange living room. The grief, the pain, the insecurity and the fear raged with screaming thoughts in my head and left a burning numbness of my body. All calming or clear thinking is a mockery in itself. So it went on for a whole time, which was no time.

And in a moment, perhaps there were many of them, everything was clear.

The theme of my family, my theme. Everything why and for what and from where and to where were wordlessly clear and a deep peace and a feeling, which picked up largest, internal grief and largest, internal joy in itself. Security for everything decided and not yet entered and a great security of being safe in everything and with everyone in being alone. That was my moment.

This moment carries me. And my longing alignment is directed to the stretching of this moment and visibility in my life. More and more.

Sonja Gilges

It was a few years ago, I was on a diving boat in the Red Sea. On the way back I went below deck to get some sleep. When I woke up, I looked out the window and just at that moment a large group of dolphins appeared next to the boat. I jumped up and shouted, "Dolphins, dolphins" and ran out. I stood at the railing, laughing loudly and shouting, forgetting the world around me and being absolutely happy. There was no more thinking, no more other people around me. There was only this moment of oneness and the feeling of a great, deep joy, a connection with everything: nature, animals, people and the sea. Later I always thought how moving this feeling was and that I could hardly describe it. Today, thanks to Instant Lumen and Ute Lauterbach, I know I was at the highest point of the scale of consciousness, at Fullinger. Even after all these years the memory still triggers joy in me and that is what makes this experience so special for me.

My personal experience  “to the free mind”

This adventure of insight is about nothing less than the realization of the human and “superhuman” best and highest. When entering consciousness itself we leave our trained personality behind and strip ourselves off our standard setting. That is why this state is devoid of all individual features. Furthermore, this means that all humans make this experience in the same or a similar way, each according to depth/height. To share this experience is a celebration of being connected.

You can communicate this here by describing what it feels like for you to arrive at the INSTANT LUMEN. Describe only your experience. Leave out all interpretations, stories and objections.

I look forward to your contribution.

You can revoke your consent at any time for the future by sending an e-mail to info@ute-lauterbach.de .

Quotations found by friends, which reflect the INSTANT LUMEN experience, but are not shown here in a film.

”When you understand, you will realize you are nothing. If you are nothing, you are everything."

Carlo Rinpoche

“Another world is not only possible, it is evolving. On a day of silence I can hear them breathing.“

Arundhati Roy

"In moments of most luminous liveliness we become aware that in the midst of all change we know something in us that endures: We share in Being... In such moments we realize that our own being is part of the One, Beautiful, Good and True, and is therefore indestructible, just as these highest values are.”

David Steindl-Rast

Treasure of Quotations
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