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The INSTANT LUMEN Coaching in German and English, as well as the quotations of wisdom for you on 208 pages.


  • takes you to a free mind,
  • it comprises the 11 accompanying phenomena of a free mind and correspondingly 11 ways to liberation,
  • it offers 350 carefully selected quotations of realization, which make the most beautiful and the highest tangible,
  • it's a turn-around book because first of all it can turn our lives around and because secondly, from the one side it is in German and from the other side it is accessible in English,
  • it corresponds as a precious hardcover book to its likewise fulfilling content.

All this happens on 208 pages: Essence, beauty and the joy or jewel on the way to a completely free mind.

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Our wish: Great art carries us into another dimension. Here we experience a completely free mind and wide heart.

The INSTANT LUMEN project is dedicated to fulfilling this goal. Hundreds of wise and uplifting quotations taken from world literature describe this special state of mind and heart. In „Art enlightens“ we use nine stepping stones described in the INSTANT LUMEN project in order to understand and invite the enormous power and joy of art more consciously.

Great art uplifts and illuminates our spirit. "Art Illuminates" speaks to the aesthetic experience of the human being. With excerpts from the photographic work of Hélène Van den Kerchove, with 40 central quotations of great masters* and with the essence sentences of philosopher Ute Lauterbach, the trilingual hardcover book wants to touch the soul.

The experience of penetrating beauty is breathtaking. It is far away from all everyday life. It enlightens us.

The books "INSTANT LUMEN - You Philosophical Take off to a Free Mindf" and "Art Enlightens" pursue the same intention: to lift the spirit and mood of man to the most beautiful heights.

If you buy both at once, you get them for only 39,00 €.

Art Enlightens
In German, English and French for you on 128 pages.

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