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The philosopher Ute Lauterbach is convinced that there is a definition of happiness which – as soon as we understand and implement it – will provide each of us with a maximum of serenity and make the meaning of life experienceable.

As a child already she decided to not give up on finding the meaning of life, with the intention to provide empirical evidence for a universal definition of happiness. She searched through countless pieces of literature from all epochs, in order to find the universal, interfaith meaning of life among the best thinkers in the world. What was the common ground among the wise people when it came to achieving happiness and satisfaction?

Thinkers, philosophers, writers and scientists from many centuries and cultures have indeed come to one common insight: The greatest success in the pursuit of finding happiness always points in the same direction: Towards entering consciousness, towards BEING aware.

Only a completely free mind allows for being aware. And this is Ute's basic conviction for which she has now provided evidence for the first time: A free mind leads to infinite happiness.

Complete awareness is a fulfilling inner revolution. If more and more people achieve this upswing of the soul, then any outer revolution with which we change the environment for the better on a global level will become more smooth.

Lauterbach's credo and wish in her own words: "I work for inner and outer peace, so that an elegant shift can take effect according to the motto: Daily for Future!"

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